Extreme low-power SRAM

Reducing SoC power by 70%-90%

We address the power needs of the IC design community by delivering cutting-edge, low-power SRAM that can be tailored according to our customers’ memory specifications. Xenergic’s novel single rail memory architecture offers optimized power consumption and performance with a competitive area in nominal or scaled supply voltage for any given application.


Best-in-class power efficiency

Xenergics memory solutions features a power reduction of 70%-90% for the entire SoC. This will contribute to improved battery life or enabling the designers to fit more functionality in the power budget.


Uncompromising Memory Solutions

Xenergic's memories provide significant advantages in power and performance with negligible area penalty, while enabling aggressive voltage scaling even in single-rail architectures.

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Memories tailored for your applications

Powered by our unique, next-generation memory compiler, we offer tailored low-power memories fine-tuned to customer's own design needs, with short delivery time.


Flexible and easy to use

Xenergic's memories have a standard memory interface and a large set of design features, providing the client with a lot of flexibility and easy integration in the existing design flows.

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The growth in computationally intensive applications is driving the need for low-power design solutions. Running complex computations, as required by image/speech processing, and machine learning come at a significant cost…