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Internet of Things

Always On, Always Low

For the IoT industry, the demand for systems with an extremely long battery life leads to energy efficiency dominating SoC design targets. For the vast majority of the time, IoT systems are inactive and leakage becomes the major power consumer, which is almost entirely caused by embedded memories.

Our High-Speed Low-Power memory IP makes use of extremely low leakage in retention mode to enable cutting-edge low-power smart sensors and IoT devices with an unprecedented battery life. Xenergic was founded on the principles of power reduction. Since our inception, we have been striving towards creating the perfect low-power SRAM. However, speed is still important. By reducing leakage drastically compared to the competition, Xenergic’s memories can leverage the power saved when your products aren’t active to keep the performance high when they are.

Smarter Solutions for Smarter Systems

Smart cities, smart homes, and smart transportation. We are moving away from the traditional way of living and entering a modern, smarter lifestyle. To uphold this constant connectivity, the need for low-power solutions is more prevalent now than ever. To always stay on, the power must always stay low: 

Our High-Speed Low-Power SRAM IP ensures that smart sensors at the edge of your IoT solutions are optimized for battery life by use of our extremely low-leakage retention mode and low dynamic power. With our SRAM also being optimized towards minimal area, we can effectively help you minimize the cost of production for the entire SoC. 

Benefits compared to competing SRAM: 

  • Up to 55% lower leakage 
  • Up to 40% lower dynamic power 
  • Competitive speed and area 

Our Solution for IoT

High-Speed Low-Power SRAM IP

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