Uncompromising Memory Solutions

  • 70-90% power reduction
  • Unmatched performance
  • Multi-technology support
  • Tailored for design needs
  • Smooth & flexible configuration
  • Fast delivery
  • No compromise on area

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In-house smart MemoryTailor

We can swiftly tailor our cutting-edge, low-power SRAM according to your memory specifications and quickly generate varied memory flavours. This process significantly reduces the time to market and development process for potential customers.

Because we can adopt new fabrication technologies quickly, MemoryTailor also enables us to deliver new tailor-made memory designs for technologies based on the design restraints of the integrated circuit manufacturer.

Let us help you go beyond the current ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ approach and, instead, obtain the best-in-class design for your application.

Optimized Power, area & performance

Reliability is the cornerstone of our SRAM memory architecture and memory generation flow. Our novel single rail memory architecture offers optimized power consumption and performance with a competitive area in nominal or scaled supply voltage for any given application.

Our memory architecture improves the three key design metrics: power, area and performance. It drastically lowers the power consumption of memories with no or little increase in their surface area, and without making a trade-off in other design metrics.

Our solution allows for much longer battery life and/or more functionalities, which in turn translates to cheaper fabrication costs, enabling designers to pack more functionalities at a lower area cost.

Our Memory Offering

The growth in computationally intensive applications is driving the need for low-power design solutions. Running complex computations, as required by image/speech processing, and machine learning come at a significant cost…


Modern Systems on Chips (SoCs) commonly require either large amounts of embedded SRAM (for example for AI applications) or ultra low leakage (IoT), both applications coming with their own set…

Based on Revolutionary Research

Our innovation is based on research that led to a revolutionizing technology developed by Xenergic's co-founder Babak Mohammadi at the Department of Electrical and Information Technology at Lund University.

The result is a new way to design SRAM architecture, enabling an extremely low power consumption of memories.

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Xenergic’s Memory Solutions Can Be Used For ​



Any wearable will be constrained by size and power. Xenergic provides memory IP tailored to your design and process, allowing a significantly better overall SoC design. For instance, you can achieve a significantly longer battery life for your smart-watch, or a smaller/thinner form-factor, or maybe finally that new feature can fit in the power budget after all.


A cutting edge hearable design needs to be small, have a long battery life and may include demanding signal processing. A tailored memory solution for your exact product allows a total design closer to the optimum, with less wasted power, space and system cost.


Smart Devices

For any design where power consumption and battery life are significant, Xenergic’s tailored memory IP allows a greater fraction of your power budget for features and computation and less worries and hassle related to the memory.


For remote sensing applications or applications where a single battery should last for years, Xenergic’s memory IP can enable a significantly more effective solution with longer battery life and therefore longer time in the field. Similarly, a smaller battery can be used for a given device lifetime, giving a lower cost and smaller size for the total solution.


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